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From A to Z

Knowing the needs of our customers we have entered into cooperation with many companies in various fields from 
A (arrangement) to Z (zenith). 
We offer high quality materials:
- windows
- natural stone (tiles,sinks,windowsills)
- oak (doors, parquets, stairs)
- custom furniture (kitchen furniture,closets, etc.)
- shutters, awnings, blinds, alarm systems, monitoring, smart-house

Simple. Precise. Reliable.

Thanks to innovative solutions, the best quality and precise execution of orders as well as timeliness, we effectively and comprehensively meet the needs of our customers - this is the basis of our success.

On Time

100% Guarantee

Powerful Infrastructure

Specialized work

From the beginning of its existence, the company's offer was a qualified workforce equipped with appropriate equipment, offering its contractors specialized work in various industrial and technological sectors.

Complete services

The company provides employees for the needs of the shipbuilding, offshore, as well as energy and general construction markets.
We carry out works on the premises of the Principal, mainly in plants in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and other countries.

Our services


We are a company that provides all kinds of electrical services. Our electrical services are always performed at the highest level. We offer a wide range of electrical installation works for companies as well as flats and private houses. We help not only in the installation and replacement of electricity, but also ensure good technical condition of electrical installations, which will improve the efficiency and safety of all devices powered by electricity. We will check which elements of the installation require complete replacement and which only require modernization.


Modular and prefabricated buildings for private individuals and businesses. We produce modular and prefabricated residential buildings - modular houses, houses up to 35m2 (without a building permit), summer houses, garages as well as facilities dedicated to hotel services and modern buildings for the needs of the services and trade market.
We have many years of experience in the construction and finishing industry, which allowed us to develop an innovative technology for the construction of our facilities. We are constantly following trends in the construction industry and we are constantly developing. We are convinced that prefabricated modules are the future of construction. Thanks to modular solutions and a prefabricated form, the construction time of such objects can be shortened by up to 80%. An additional advantage is the easy expansion of the facilities in the future, and even the possibility of relocating them.
Modular buildings are constructed in the form of ready-made modules in the factory hall, and then transported to the final destination, where they are assembled. Fully equipped facilities are a high-quality product of permanent or temporary residence. They are characterized by excellent thermal parameters and low energy demand.
We focus on the highest quality of raw materials, precision of workmanship and durability of our facilities.

Construction services

Our specialization: interior design and finishing, comprehensive renovations and modernization of commercial premises, houses and flats. We carry out reconstructions, modernizations of service premises and we deal with the adaptation of these places to specific service activities.
Our employees are licensed specialists. At the customer's request, we offer visualizations of the interior as well as consulting


Carbontec is a UL listed technology that heats the space with radiant energy using a carbon fiber polymer film only 0.21 millimeters thick! Infrared waves heat the entire room at maximum efficiency while the system remains hidden in the floors and/or ceilings of your home or office. Carbontec heating systems require only 20-25% surface coverage! It connects through a thermostat and a step-down transformer. The material is most efficient at 24 volts, reaching a temperature of 115°F. The Carbontec system is designed to replace inefficient and outdated conventional heating systems at a fraction of the running and installation costs.
Carbontec is one of the leading suppliers in the market for all aspects of infrared heating. We strive to provide convenient and effective heating solutions for our valued customers from various industries. Whether you're working in large-area locations such as warehouses or assembly plants, or simply trying to make your home's heating more efficient, we've got what you need. Find out more about what exactly we offer and how this variety of heating can change your heating efficiency for the better and save you money on your heating bills.
Carbontec is currently the leading heating system on the market! It's a healthy way to heat your home WITHOUT RADIATORS, BOILERS or any ducting systems!


We build warehouse and factory halls in various technologies: brick, prefabricated, steel structure with sandwich panels and mixed. We also offer storage tents built on a concrete foundation slab, which saves you from formalities related to the building permit. We cooperate in this area with companies from Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.


We install photovoltaic systems that collect and transform solar energy used to heat running water and support heating. It sounds complicated, but the operation is very simple.
Photovoltaic panels will make the house not only more environmentally friendly, but also cheaper to maintain. Thanks to them, you can obtain heat completely free of charge. The effects in the form of lower energy consumption will be noticed immediately after installing solar panels. But it is also worth looking into the near future. Electricity is not getting cheaper, and our needs for electricity are not decreasing, they are even growing. Therefore, focusing on renewable energy sources and installing PV panels is currently the most promising and cost-effective solution.

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